The facility & team

The Poultry Research & Innovation Centre BV is located in the city Emmen in the eastern part of the Netherlands, quite close to the German border. In this area the poultry industry is well developed and the area is known for its high level of animal health, animal welfare and animal management. Poultry producers continuously try to improve their production without the use of antibiotics and this leads to several new innovations in the industry. 

The team of the Poultry Research & Innovation Centre BV consists of experienced poultry vets, research assistants, veterinary assistants and laboratory analysts. They work under a high biosecurity level to avoid introduction of pathogens from outside.

The Poultry Research & Innovation Centre BV has several cooperations with veterinary and agricultural universities and high schools to develop scientific innovations for the poultry industry and to provide internship positions for students from the Netherlands and from abroad.